How to submit an article for our knowledge base

We aim to make this web site one of the most used sites on the Internet by supplying a massive range of "How To" articles

If you have written an article about how to do absolutely anything at all, send it to us for consideration and if we like it we will include it on this web site

If you haven't written an article but have some knowledge that you would like to pass on, then this is your chance to make a name for yourself. Follow the terms and conditions below and you could soon be getting kudos for your contribution

Terms and conditions for submission of articles:

  1. Articles that contain any content deemed by us as unsuitable for family reading will not be considered.
  2. Your article should have a title which begins with "How to"
  3. Title should include 3 main keywords you think will be used by searchers looking for the information your article imparts.
  4. Whilst there is no minimum or maximum length of article, try to keep it between 600 and 1,000 words - impatience is a common trait amongst Internet users.
  5. Your article must be clear and written in an orderly fashion. Using bullet points is always a great way of achieving both brevity and clarity.
  6. You must have written the article yourself and by submitting an article you are confirming that the content was authored by you.
  7. The article should not be written like an advertisement, and should only contain links in the text if they are relevant to the information being supplied at that point.
  8. By submitting an article you are giving us the rights to reproduce all or part of it as we see fit.
  9. We also have the right to make any adjustments to the submitted content which we feel will help the reader to better understand the article.
  10. All articles published will give clear attribution to the author, including a web site link and an e-mail link if requested and deemed appropriate.
  11. All articles submitted should be carefully checked for grammar and spelling errors prior to submission.
  12. Where possible, articles should be accompanied by useful images, and those images should be optimised for web site usage.
  13. The text of your article should be sent as part of a plain text e-mail, and any images should be sent as attachments.
  14. Your submission should clearly state your full name, the country you live in, and your web site URL if you have one.

You should send your submission to:

Important:Your e-mail submission must start with the following sentences"'I am submitting the following article for consideration for publication on the web site at I have read and agree to abide by the terms and conditions displayed on the web site."

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