How to remove a splinter

removing the splinter
Splinters and thorns in fingers, hands, feet, or anywhere in the body can be extremely painful and can lead to infection if not removed.

Removing a splinter or thorn from your skin with a needle or squeezing method is often sore and opens you up to skin infections etc. This way is pain free and causes the little sharp object to be expelled from your skin while you sleep.


Do NOT squeeze or pick at the area. This can cause the splinter to go deeper under the skin and create a nasty infection.

Carefully wash the affected area in warm soapy water and dab gently with a clean towel until completely dry.

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How to remove the splinter or thorn without pain

Put some Bicarbonate of Soda into a small bowl and add a few drops of water until it's a nice thick paste consistency. Spread the paste onto the affected area and cover with a plaster. Leave it on overnight and then remove the plaster and rinse the dried up paste away with warm water. You can expect to see the splinter/thorn on top of the skin when you lift the plaster.

Recently I had a thorn in my finger beside my nail and didn't even know it as I couldn't see it, my finger became infected and after regular bathing in hot salt water (which hurt a LOT) the infection was still not leaving so I tried this trick and when I removed the plaster in the morning there was the tiniest little thorn sat on the dried paste by my nail - infection would never have cleared up if I didn't get the almost invisible thorn out.

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