How to make easy pancakes - recipe

how to make pancakes

Some people only eat pancakes on one day of the year - Shrove Tuesday

Shrove Tuesday is a moveable date. It is 47 days before Easter Monday and the day before Ash Wednesday, which heralds the start of lent.

Pancakes were eaten on Shrove Tuesday because the following day was the start of 40 days fasting, which meant not eating rich foods like eggs and milk

Pancakes are now often a favourite breakfast food, especially on the west side of the Atlantic Ocean

Here is a simple recipe to make your pancakes:


  • 1 mug milk
  • 1egg
  • 1 mug self raising flour


meat filled pancakesWhisk ingredients together in a bowl. Lightly oil the base of a pan and put it onto a medium heat. Once the pan is hot, place about two tablespoons of the mixture into it. Move the pan around until the mixture evenly covers the bottom of the pan. Cook for about 45 seconds until golden brown and turn over (try flipping it if you want some fun) and cook for about 20 seconds.

This easy to remember recipe can be jazzed up with some vanilla, fruit, nuts or chocolate chips added to the batter. Serve with sugar and lemon juice or maple syrup for traditional pancakes. For something a little different try bacon, fresh fruit, yogurt or ice cream. The picture on the right is a plate full of meat filled pancakes, and another savoury pancake recipe idea is to fill them with steamed haddock in a white sauce.

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