How to fix a sticky Windows 7 or Vista update problem

Is your Windows Vista or Windows 7 trying to install the same update over and over again on your PC or laptop?

Does it seem as if your Windows updater has got stuck?

If you are having this problem then you can try this simple solution, which works for Windows Vista and Windows 7

I had a security update for MS Office that kept trying to install for several weeks. It wasn't doing any harm to my computer but it was driving me mad with frustration, as it kept re-appearing every time the computer booted up. I Googled the problem and found many other people in different forums with the same problem, but no solutions that worked for me.

Then I discovered a Microsoft page with an answer that worked, and after a few minutes my stuck update had installed and all was well again. If you are having this problem try this:

  1. Download the Microsoft System Update Readiness Tool it is 300mb in size so may take a few minutes to download and save to your hard drive
  2. Close any programmes you have running.
  3. Double click on the file to run the update readiness tool.
  4. Click yes to run the hotfix
  5. After initialising it will show a line "installing" which may be there for several minutes. Don't close it down - let it run.
  6. When the installation is complete, shut down your computer. When you re-start the computer the sticky update will finish installing as it was always supposed to.
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